I view the camera as a conduit, a means of perception and transmission. The act of taking photographs is a place of contact, bridging the internal and external, material and immaterial, life and death. The inherently symbolic quality of photographic representation allows me to compose emotive visual poems or narratives to articulate the non-verbal & convey the invisible. While my psychobiography is inseparable from the conception of each image, I create to examine, enlarge and enrich the hidden forces beneath the surface of existence.

 My photographic practice currently embodies curiosity and attentive observation—a process of learning to be more receptive to life’s offerings, particularly to what emerges amidst the seemingly mundane. I work intuitively, creating a pool of images over time from which I select and sequence pictures, arranging them in distinct bodies of work. Images are printed using analogue techniques. These methods are durational, requiring slowness and time. They also leave room for the unexpected, as I invite chance into the making of each work.

My training in traditional and alt. process photography, as well as an enduring interest in materials cultivated through sculptural work, also deeply informs my practice. My most recent project,’Spirits’, is an ongoing series of cyanotypes which takes natural materials as a starting point. Fragments of the living world are removed from their context and presented in a series of uncanny textural ‘portraits’. What is generally presumed as inanimate is suggested as being alive, infused with incorporeal energy: intelligence, sentience, supernatural power. The photographs are a celebration and representation of that inexplicable life force which unites us and pulses through all things born of Nature’s design.

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